If when using this service you have problems with your access code "password" press "I have forgotten password" and you will immediately receive a new access code to the e.mail mailbox registered in your account.
Registration process on ALCAMPO’S Website

https://www.alcampo.es  Spread out the Icon “Empresa y Empleo” (Company and Careers) Click on  “Proveedores” (Suppliers)

To register on the website you will have to click on “Crear cuenta” (create account) on the first screen.


First screen

On this window you will have to indicate your tax identification number that has to match the one that is registered in our supplier’s database.

Using alphanumeric characters, you will have to chose a user name that you will have to use from that moment on and that will give you access to Alcampo’s website. As a security measure you will be asked to indicate the characters that appear in the image and will be seen only by you.

You will also have to indicate an email address where, as from the moment the registration is completed, you want to receive the information corresponding to the inquiries you make on our website.

The user, as well as the password that we will give you, will be your only credentials to sign in on the Website. You won’t be able to access it in another way.

Next screen

Once the initial data has been validated, as a security measure the system will ask you additional information regarding one of your invoices. The system will provide you with a number and date of issue of an invoice, the hypermarket and your C.I.P. (supplier number) and you will have to fill in the amount. (You don’t have to add a decimal mark because the point is the decimal indicator) E.g.: (55123.43)

At the same time the system will ask you to read and accept the user’s general conditions.

Once the system has accepted the filled in information – it will be indicated on the screen - it will send an email to the address indicated in our suppliers’ database under payment data, and that you previously provided us. This mail will inform you of the user’s data that you are requesting and you will be able to revoke it within 24 hours.

If after these 24 hours we haven’t received any information that you want to cancel, another email will be sent to the same email address with the assigned access password.

Once you have this password you will be able to access the service. 

The registering process is based on the tax identification number. It means that you will be able to see all the customer numbers associated to this number once you have authorization to access the system.


What can prevent you from registering:


1 The database does not recognize the registration number:

You are not in our suppliers’ database and you will have to contact our Purchasing department (91- and contact the department you will provide goods to in order to check what the problem is.


2 If you are a new supplier and when you register we don’t have any of your invoice in our system yet, then you don’t have access.


3 If the characters of the image are not correctly filled in. If you can’t go further please check that the digits you fill in correspond to the image.


4 If you don’t accept the user’s conditions you won’t be able to access the service.


5 If there is no contact email in the payment data. When the system informs you of this error you have to contact our Purchasing department (91- and contact the department you will provide goods to in order to give them the missing data. Once this information is updated you will be able to register.


Access to the service


Once you know the password that we gave you, you will be able to use the service filling in the field “acceso” (access - user that you chose) and “contraseña” (password that was given to you by email).

It is important to note that the user and password are associated, in a univocal way, to the tax identification number you registered with. With one number you can register under different users if required by your organization.


First screen


On this screen you will see the supplier numbers (CIP) associated to your tax identification number.

If you click on the supplier number you will access the screen to see the data.

If you cannot have access because it is “inactivo” (not active) you will have to contact our Purchasing department (91- and contact the department you will provide goods to in order to settle this incidence.


Screen to consult the data


On the screen to consult the data there are two tabs, “Facturas Proveedor” (supplier’s invoices) and “Facturas Alcampo” (Alampo’s invoices), according to the entity that issues the invoice you want to consult.


Supplier invoice:


It is mandatory to fill in 2 fields, one is the “Fecha Emisión factura” (date of issue of invoice) or the “Número Factura proveedor” (supplier invoice number) and the other one is the amount that is mandatory:

If you fill in “Fecha emisión factura”:

The field will be filled in with the appropriate calendar.


If you fill in “Número Factura proveedor”: Alphanumeric

If the number of your invoice is more than 9 characters please note that our system only keeps the last 9 characters from right to left.

Nevertheless you always have to indicate a minimum of 5 characters.

The amount must be the exact one without indicating the decimal mark because the point is the decimal indicator.


Alcampo invoices:


This search is for invoices that Alcampo issued on your behalf.

You will have to request the information by filling in the number and invoice date of the invoice that you are looking for.


In both cases once the information is chosen the system will show you all the invoices that match up with the requested data.

Click on the invoice number that you want to see and you will have access to the information.


In the information that you consult you will be able to make other queries that will be properly indicated and that will be sent to you through an email at the address that you gave us in your access data.